These are highlights of our 2022 projects.

Kitchen Makeover

Recreating my Kitchen

After working on a couple of kitchens ,breaking floors,changing shapes to enable correct spaces & work spaces,adding islands and breaking all the walls .I was inspired by beauty and the flow you get with having an open plan kitchen.

Pro tip:

One of the biggest pros is that open plan kitchens really do bring the whole family together and therefore reinforces that the kitchen is the heart of the home. They also create a spacious feel, as there are no barriers visually which allows the room to flow. If you love entertaining they’re a great option - you can be cooking and still talk to your guests - less walls make for a more sociable space.

Kitchen islands with breakfast bars become the hub where homework can be done whilst catching up with the day’s news. Or if you have young ones, they can be watching TV from the sofa whilst you’re in the kitchen, and the open plan area allows you to keep an eye on them all the time.

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